Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bharatanatyam Classes for Children

Explore, Experience and Engage with Bharatanatyam at Gulmohar Days..!!!

We bring you a structured and well-designed course in the classical dance form of Bharatanatyam. Dance is an all encompassing art form, linked with music, literature, drawing-painting, sculpting and theatre.  The focus of this course is to teach Bharatanatyam dance technique along with an introduction to other fine arts. This course is designed in three phases. The course will be executed through practical and theory classes, combined with other art activities, demonstrations, watching dance films and watching live performances. Throughout this course students will have many opportunities to perform for their fellow students and parents. 

Classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday. 
Batch 1: Ages 5 to 6.5  Time 4.00 pm to 5.pm
Batch 2: Ages 6.5 and above  Time 5.00 to 6.00 pm

A max no. of 12 children may be accommodated for each batch. 

We are proud to associate with excellent mentors who will take this programme forward at Gulmohar Days. We welcome Juee Deogaokar and Anubha Doshi on board our team. 

Juee has an all-rounded experience in the field of performing arts as a dancer, teacher and arts manager.  Her experience in other fine arts has groomed her into a proficient dancer and art connoisseur. Belonging to the rich tradition of Tanjavur School of Bharatanatyam, Juee has been able to capture the true spirit and essence of this distinct school of thought.   She has performed extensively all over India in many dance productions, festivals and corporate shows.

As a teacher, Juee has a long teaching experience of nine years and has taught at Kalavardhini Charitable Trust in Alibaug. In 2006 she started teaching Bharatanatyam at Krishnamurti Foundation’s Sahyadri School and continues to work for them

Along with her creative aptitude, Juee has developed strong managerial skills and works as an arts management consultant. She has handled management activities such as programming, fundraising, marketing and production for Parikrama Dance Festival, Pune in 2009. She has also worked in UK with dance and theatre companies as a fundraising consultant and outreach assistant.
Her academic credentials include B.A. and M.A. in Dance from Centre for Performing Arts, University of Pune and M.A. in Cultural Policy and Management from City University, London
Anubha Doshi is a Clinical Psychologist and Arts Based Therapist. A graduate in English Literature, LSR, Delhi, she subsequently earned her Master’s in Communication Management from Symbiosis.
With a strong base in Indian classical dances and performances in folk, she has been teaching dance since last 8 years. She has conducted dance therapy workshops for corporates’ and students in colleges like Fergusson, St. Miras, and many other schools in Delhi and Pune. As a child she authored a book and continues writing regularly for all the leading newspapers and magazines to promote art therapy.

 For more information on the course and to register please visit us or send us an email on gulmohardays@gmail.com

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer fun @ Gulmohar Days!

Day Care Update and Notice

Dear parents,

Its been a busy summer at Gulmohar Days. The month of April saw us busy with a myriad workshops. I am happy that all our day care kids enrolled in the activities and took maximum advantage of the sessions in progress. My heartfelt thanks to all the parents who dropped by or wrote to us with feedback on the workshops. Thank you for all your positive comments. It does great things for our morale!

This month we have encouraged the children to participate in group activities. There has been a lot of craft, cricket, water play, basket ball, carom, snakes and ladders, ludo and scrabble. And a fair amount of reading as well. The kids must be regaling you with these stories every day.

We are now gearing up for the new academic year. Please do indicate if your child will be continuing with us in the day care and if there will be any change in his/her timings with us. We would like to confirm the number of day care enrollments in the next few days since a number of our Pre-school Montessori children too would like to avail of the day care facility from June. Also, parents please keep us updated in case of a change in your residence address and telephone numbers. It is an absolute must that in the interest of the safety of your child, our records remain updated.

We have some routine maintenance work on the premises to take care of towards the end of the month. Therefore, on the 30th and 31st of the month, day care will commence only after 12.30 pm. Thanking you for your understanding and co-operation on this.
Wishing you all the best for the remainder of the holiday and the very best to the kids as they don bright new uniforms and start a fresh year of school in a few days.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Art workshop in the News!

Hi all

Catch the latest on the Art workshop at Gulmohar days in this special feature about us in the Mid-Day. you can follow this linkto read online: http://epaper-beta.mid-day.com/epaperhome.aspx?issue=11052011&edd=pune

Shree Lahiri

Kids will be trailing fairy tales, reading interesting stories and exploring their creativity at the workshop organised by Gulmohar Days. The four- day workshop called Timeless Tales hopes to give kids a fun encounter with art and literature.

“ We try to organise workshops that are different from the normal drawing classes or summer camps that we see around. In our workshops, we try to combine literature with art,” says Nandini Nair, founder of Gulmohar Days.

The workshop is for kids, who are above 8 years. At the workshop, kids will read a story by Hans Christian Anderson and a by Oscar Wilde. “ After the reading, there will be a discussion, so they will learn to understand the emotions behind the story,” says Nair.

The kids will then be given a paragraph from the story, which they have to bring to life on canvas. “ They read it and try to find the primary emotion in that paragraph.
Then, each child attempts to bring it to life in his or her own way,” explains Nair. “ In fact, at the end of the workshop, we manage to make a complete illustrated book with the children’s creations,” she adds. Besides painting on canvas with acrylics, the kids will also learn to make collages at the workshop.

Nair says she started Gulmohar Days as a centre for children with a children’s library, day care centre, activity centre and a Montessori school. “ I have been an educator for the past 13 years. Having done my Masters in American and Commonwealth Literature, I have been teaching at the school and college level. A few years ago, I felt the need to break away from its monotony and create a place where kids of all ages can meet, learn from each other, meet mentors of the highest quality and be given enough creative freedom to explore their inner thoughts and talents. I wanted it to be a place without syllabi, curriculum and classrooms. Something like a commuity centre. That’s really how Gulmohar Days was conceived,” Nair reveals.

Apart from art workshops, they have many other creative activities which children can be a part of. They can choose from the children’s library, art or drama class, the Montessori programme, a yoga session or they can just simple come and play carrom and chess.

“ I always wanted a place where a child could spend an hour or two without having to smell French Fries, be coerced into buying something or be bombarded with Bollywood music. Gulmohar Days is a place that treats every child with the dignity he/ she deserves,” Nair signs off.
ON May 16 to May 19 TIME 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm AT Gulmohar Days, Lane 13, Kalyani Nagar.
CALL 9890530248